Off The Top Barbershop owners Merryn & Clint shared a dream of owning a barbershop and together, they teamed up as business partners in pursuit of this dream.
With their passion for the industry already instilled, Merryn & Clint embarked on their journey together and were lucky enough to acquire a barbershop with a great location in the beautiful Lakeside Estate in Pakenham, located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia.


Previously called Boulevard Barbers, our very excited new barbershop owners Clint & Merryn went straight to work in brightening up the shop with a coat of white paint and some beautiful new touches operating 'Under New Management' in late February 2020.

And then the Covid19 pandemic hit in March sending shockwaves to the world and especially to small business owners. 


In spite of this, Off The Top Barbershop has continued the journey optimistically even through the global pandemic that forced us to close periodically for a total of over 6 months within our first 18 months of operating.

We are deeply passionate about our craft and in providing the best service possible to our community. We strive to uplift all who walk through our doors by creating a vibrant and welcoming environment and we're conscientious in employing people with the same energy to ensure the vibe is ever so present in our barbershop.
We look forward to your visit with us.
Clint Day & Merryn Mott
Off The Top Barber Shop Management